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SuS316L 0.15mm Plate 200mm Height 1.5T Distillation Packing

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SuS316L 0.15mm Plate 200mm Height 1.5T Distillation Packing

SuS316L 0.15mm Plate 200mm Height 1.5T Distillation Packing
SuS316L 0.15mm Plate 200mm Height 1.5T Distillation Packing SuS316L 0.15mm Plate 200mm Height 1.5T Distillation Packing

Large Image :  SuS316L 0.15mm Plate 200mm Height 1.5T Distillation Packing

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISO-9001
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 0.1 cubic meter
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: pallets, wooden box
Delivery Time: 3-5 days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
Supply Ability: 200 m3/week

SuS316L 0.15mm Plate 200mm Height 1.5T Distillation Packing

Material: SS316L Plate Thickness: 0.15mm
Size: As Per Order Specific Area: Optional Types
Shape: Customized Packing Layer Height: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm
High Light:

1.5T Distillation Packing


200mm Height Distillation Packing


Distillation 0.15mm Plate Packing

SS316L 0.15 mm plate 200 mm height 1.5T metal plate distillation packing



1. Hualai metal plate structured packing in high vacuum distillation column


Distillation is a method to separate liquid mixture with high purity by using reflux. It is a widely used liquid mixture separation operation in industry, and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, light industry, food, metallurgy and other departments. Distillation operation is classified according to different methods. According to the operation mode, it can be divided into continuous distillation and batch distillation; according to the composition of the mixture, it can be divided into binary distillation and multi-component distillation; according to whether the additives affecting the vapor-liquid equilibrium are added to the mixture, it can be divided into ordinary distillation and special distillation (including extractive distillation, azeotropic distillation and salt-adding distillation); if the distillation process is accompanied by distillation, it can be divided into two types Chemical reaction is called reactive distillation
In the operation of packed tower, the liquid drops from top to bottom along the structured packing surface, and the rising vapor contacts with each other. Therefore, the packing surface is the place for mass exchange and heat exchange.




2. Some popular types of Hualai metal plate structured packing.

For more types, please feel free to contact me.


Item Unit 125X 125Y 250X 250Y 350X 350Y 500X 500Y
corrugation height h mm 24.0 11.5 8.4 6.0
corrugation inclination θ (°) 30 45 30 45 30 45 30 45
corrugation distance 2B mm 39.6 19.0 14.0 9.9
corrugation angle β (°) 79.0 79.1 79.6 79.0
void fraction ε δ=0.15mm % 99.4 98.6 98.0 97.2
δ=0.12mm % 99.5 98.9 98.4 97.8
δ=0.10mm % 99.6 99.1 98.7 98.2
Perforated hole diameter d0 mm 4.5 4.5 4.0 4.0
Opening rate σ % 8.5-9.5 8.5-9.5 9.0-10.0 9.0-10.0
radius of curvature of the top circle of corrugation angle R mm ≤2.0 ≤1.4 ≤0.9 ≤0.5

Note: The influence of opening rate on the plate is not calculated


3. Hualai experiences in metal plate structured packing.


Hualai has years of engineering experience with a variety of structured column packings in different industrial applications. Moreover, we have frequent co-operations with famous universities and technical engineering companies in China.

Resulting from these valuable assets, we have produced range of structured packings suitable for engineering systems that provide optimum column performance.

Hualai structured packing uses the industry standard corrugated perforated and embossed sheet metal design to provide efficient vapour-liquid contact. The style of the embossed surface has been optimised to provide maximum wetability and numerous perforations enhance cross mixing of the process fluids. Type Y has a crimp angle of 45° and type X 30°. Suitable liquid irrigation range from below 0.5 up to 200 m3/

4. Classification of metal plate distillation packing


Packed tower is a kind of gas-liquid mass transfer equipment with a large number of packings in the tower. Packed column was used in industrial production in the middle of the 19th century. Since then, it has developed with plate column, forming two different types of gas-liquid mass transfer equipment.
The body of the packed tower is a vertical cylinder with a supporting plate at the bottom. The packing material is placed on the support plate in a integral way. A packing pressing plate is installed above the packing to limit the movement of the packing with the updraft. The liquid is added from the top of the tower, sprayed onto the packing through the liquid distributor, and flows down the packing surface. The gas is sent from the bottom of the tower and distributed by the gas distribution device (gas distribution device is generally not set for small diameter tower), then it is countercurrent with the liquid and continuously passes through the gap of the packing layer. The gas-liquid two-phase is in close contact with the packing surface for mass transfer. Packed tower is a continuous contact gas-liquid mass transfer equipment, the two-phase composition changes continuously along the tower height. Under normal operation, the gas phase is continuous phase and the liquid phase is dispersed phase.


SuS316L 0.15mm Plate 200mm Height 1.5T Distillation Packing 0


In Hualai, every year we manufacture and supply hundreds of cubic meters of metal structured packing in different models. There are many popular types and materials for option. Custom order is welcome, too! We are happy to help with what you need!

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