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Stainless Steel Tower Internal

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Stainless Steel Tower Internal

Stainless Steel Tower Internal
Stainless Steel Tower Internal Stainless Steel Tower Internal

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Certification: ISO 9001
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: pallet, wooden box
Delivery Time: 5-9 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 99 units per month

Stainless Steel Tower Internal

Material: Stainless Steel, Or As Per Order Advantage: Low Pressure Drop
OEM: Yes Application: Liquid Collecting
Position: Between Neighbouring Packing Layers Other Name: Liquid Re-distributor
High Light:

mesh mist eliminator


wire mesh pad

Stainless steel tower internal liquid collector and re - distributor


Usually a complete packed distillation tower has two or more packing layers. A liquid collector and redistributor shall be set between each two packing layers to collect the liquid from the upper packing and redistribute the liquid into the lower packing. Sometimes, the tower has side lines for feeding and discharging, and the tower packing in these parts should be divided into sections. There is a certain limit on the height of each section of tower packing, which is generally equivalent to 15-20 theoretical plates, that should be divided into sections. Therefore, liquid collector and liquid redistributor are indispensable tower internals.


In the down flow of liquid in the tower, there may be uneven distribution, resulting in uneven liquid concentration on the cross section of the tower. The liquid collection redistributor can completely collect and mix the liquid phase with uneven flow rate and concentration, which is beneficial to give full performance regarding to the separation efficiency of the tower. In addition, the rising gas must be evenly distributed in the upper packing, and the resistance is smaller.


Working principle:


The liquid falling from the upper packing is collected by the liquid collecting plate, flows through the lower liquid guide trough and then into the bottom liquid collecting trough in the center. When the diameter of the tower is large, in addition to the center collecting trough, the surrounding ring collecting trough is also set, and the collecting shutter is fixed on the middle horizontal trough and the ring groove. The liquid collected by the liquid collecting plate flows into the horizontal groove and the annular groove, and then flows into the redistributor below through the central tube of the horizontal groove to mix and redistribute the liquid.


General failure analysis and treatment of packed tower:


Phenomenon Possible cause of failure Advice
Tower efficiency is low, product quality is poor, but packing pressure drop is normal

It is mainly caused by uneven liquid distributor

1. Poor design, liquid overload range;

2. Poor installation levelness;

3. The liquid distributor is blocked;

4. Liquid distributor leaks due to medium corrosion

1. Improve the design, increase or decrease the opening of distributor;

2. Reinstall and adjust the level;

3. Remove the blockage;

4. New distributor made of more corrosion resistant material

Low efficiency of tower and low pressure drop of packing Too loose packing installation or too large clearance with tower wall Install as required. Temporary measures to increase return flow can improve efficiency.
The packing pressure drop is large, and the operation upper limit capacity is reduced

1. The metal filler is installed too tightly and has large deformation;

2. There are many broken ceramic fillers

1. Install as required. Temporary measures to reduce the operating load can improve the efficiency of the tower;

2. Remove debris. Temporary measures to reduce the operation load.

The product yield of the upper side is low, that of the lower side is light and that of the lower side is high The oil collecting tank on the upper side is not sealed, and there is oil leakage downward. Repair unsealed areas or reinstall.
Unable to reach the design capacity, flooding ahead of time, low tower efficiency.

1. The opening rate of packing support plate is low;

2. Low opening rate of packing press plate

1. Replace with high opening rate support plate;

2. Replace with high opening rate pressing plate.

After a period of operation, the pressure drop increases gradually, the efficiency decreases, and the load capacity decreases Packing blocked and coking Clean or replace packing
After operation for a period of time, the pressure drop fluctuates from high to low, and the efficiency decreases The packing is corroded Replace the anti-corrosion material filler
After a period of operation, the quality of the product decreases and the color becomes heavier

1. The wire mesh of metal demister is corroded

2. The wire mesh of metal demister is blocked or twisted to form re-entrainment.

1. Replace the anti-corrosion material demister;

2. Replace the demister with high void ratio



Liquid collector and re-distributor position and plate size:

Stainless Steel Tower Internal 0

Stainless Steel Tower Internal 1


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